Bomen-trees Quillaja saponaria - Soap bark

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  • Article number: QUSAP01

Quilaja saponaria or soapbark is an evergreen tree that has its origin in Chile. The tree grows up to 20 meters high in its natural habitat and can do so up until 2000 metres high.

The tree can withstand temperatures up to minus 12.

The inside of the bark of the tree can be used as soap, this is because of the glycoside "saponin" wich is in it. This saponin has a healing effect on the lungs. Other uses of saponin are among others: pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fire-fighting foam and is used in the novavax covid vaccine.

  • Article number: QUSAP01
  • Minimum temperature: -5ºC
  • Location: Sunny, half shadow
  • Soil type: No special requirements
  • Water requirement: Light damp
  • Full ground: No
  • Tub plant: Yes
  • Flowering period: 4-9
  • Origin / habitat: South east australia
  • Growth rate: Normal
  • Maximum plant height: 100/150 cm
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Bomen-trees Quillaja saponaria - Soap bark
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