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If you have any questions you can always send us an email. We always try to answer your email as soon as possible.
We have therefore chosen not to use a phone number but to communicate by email, this is because we are busy all day processing orders.
Answering an email in between is often easier to do than a phone call. 
Emails are answered on weekdays Monday through Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday.

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Frequently asked questions
  • 1. Orders
    • 1.1. What is the status of my order?
      • You can login to your account via this link to view the status of your order.

        You do not have an account yet?
        Create an account quickly and easily using this link and click on the "Create account"button.

        Email is answered daily on businessdays.



    • 1.2. I forgot my password, where can I request it?
      • You can request your password here.


    • 1.3. Do you receive the message "This email is not found in our records"?
      • If you get this message, you do not have an account yet. You can easily create an account via this link, then "Create account".

        When creating an account, use the same email address with which you may have placed an order before.
        After creating an account, you can log in and view all previously placed orders, ask questions via the ticket system and automatically use award points.


    • 1.4. My payment has not been completed, how can I pay again?
      • If your payment has failed or you want to pay by another payment method, you can do so via your account. You must first log in here for this.

        In your account you will find all orders/orders including the unpaid order.

        After you are logged in, follow the next steps:
        1. On the left-hand screen, click on "My orders".
        2. Click on "View" after the relevant "Outstanding invoice".
        3. Then click on "Pay now".
        4. Follow the instructions further
        5. If the status is set to "Canceled" click on "View".
        6. Click at the bottom of the page "Re-order".
        7. Your cart with the complete order will be displayed
        8. If necessary, add articles or delete items
        9. Click on "Complete order" at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions below

        You do not have an account yet?
        Create an account quickly and easily using this link and click on the "Create account"button.
        Please use the same email address that you have previously entered your order with.

        Bank transfers

        Bank transfers exclusively via Mollie Payments. Follow the instructions given by our Paymentprovider Mollie. You will receive a unique payment reference to complete your payment.

        Payments powered by Mollie


    • 1.5. Bank transfers via Mollie Payments
      • If you would like to pay by bank transfer, choose a bank transfer.
        This is then handled by the Mollie Payments.
        Follow the instructions further on in the Mollie payment screen which appears after handling the shopping cart.
        Only payments via the transfer screen below are correctly processed by Mollie, do not make any adjustments in the payment reference number, otherwise payments wil not be processed correctly.

        After we receive notification from Mollie that the payment has been processed, your order will be prepared for shipment.
        Please note that a bank transfer may take several working days. Successful payments via iDeal, PayPal, creditcards etc. are processed directly.
        If the bank transfer has not been paid within 14 days, the order is automatically deleted.


    • 1.6. Why do I get the message "Email address already exists" when creating an account?
      • In the past, you have made an order without creating an account with the email address you entered.
        Your details are still in our system and by requesting a password, your account is activated immediately.
        Orders you have made in the past will also become visible in your account after logging in.

  • 2. Shipping & Delivery Time
    • 2.1. Why can't I ship the order as a package?
      • You probably selected a plant larger than 150 cm or the total weight of your package (s) is more than 70 kg.

        If you have selected your plants but the total weight may be higher than 70 kg, you can split the order into two orders.


    • 2.2. What is the delivery time of my order?
      • Behind the articles are indicative delivery times in working days.
        If you order goods with different delivery times, the longest delivery time applies for the entire order.
        If you would like to receive part of the order earlier, it is best to split the order.


    • 2.3. Can I have my parcel delivered on a desired date?
      • Yes, you can indicate in the "Remarks" section when processing your order in the ordering process on which day you want your parcel to be delivered by PostNL.

        By means of the "track & trace code" you can then follow your package, it will be sent via email immediately after sending.

        If you specify your mobile number, we will also send an additional SMS with the "track & trace code" immediately after the package has been shipped.


    • 2.4. PostNL Pakje Gemak

      • You can also have your parcel sent to one of the 2700 post offices/PostNL support points of your choice via Pakje Gemak.

        If you select the option "or choose your delivery time" under "Send method".

        You can then choose from various PostNL support points.


        If the package is offered by us to PostNL, it will be available per location on the following day from the time stated.
        You will receive an email with a track & trace code when we send your parcel.