Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses
Large assortment of ornamental grasses available in many colors. Also sales of evergreen species such as Ophiopogon, Carex, Helictotrichon and Festuca ornamental grass species.
Ornamental grasses which turn brown in the winter and thus die off are best pruned back in early March.
After this they walk again with fresh leaves from April.

You can give the ornamental grasses some dried cow manure grain from the end of March and again in July. Ornamental grasses do not need much fertilization.

Depending on the species, a number of plants per m² need to be closed properly. This way you have less maintenance in your garden because weeds have no chance to expand.

The maximum plant height per species, as well as the color and water requirement are listed separately for each plant.
NB. Depending on the season and the type of grass, the plant height is indicative and average values are taken (in winter, certain species have been pruned to 5 cm).