Eetbare tuin-edible garden Coffea arabica - Coffee plant

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Coffea arabica or Arab coffee plant originates from Ethiopia and later, somewhere around 1000 AD. cultivated in Yemen.
From Yemen he was later spread over the world to Java (around 1700 AD), Brazil etc.
Of the 3 types of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica coffee, the Arabica is the tastiest type of coffee.
This is most commonly used, about 3/4 of the total coffee production worldwide.
The bushes are also regularly pruned in culture so that they do not grow too high which is easy with the harvest.
With us in a tub, the plants will not grow much larger than 250 cm without pruning. Pruning is no problem, if the trunk is pruned back, it will immediately branch out.

In the spring the coffee plant gets white flowers that smell wonderfully sweet. After this one gets the berries that first turn green, then to yellow.
If they are red (autumn / winter) they are ripe and the flesh can be removed. The coffee bean of the Coffea arabica is light green in the beginning.
This must now be roasted to get its taste.
The plant is evergreen and the leaves are dark green and slightly shiny on the top. The plant with its blossom and fruit set is a beautiful and easy greenhouse or houseplant.
May go outdoors in the summer, but in a half-shady place (no midday sun). In winter, in a reasonably light place, overwinter within a minimum of + 7ºC.
Winter hardiness zone 11 (+ 7ºC).

  • Article number: COFARA05
  • Minimum temperature: +7ºC
  • Location: Sunny, half shadow
  • Soil type: No special requirements
  • Water requirement: Light damp
  • Full ground:
  • Tub plant:
  • Flowering period: 5-6
  • Origin / habitat: Yemen, Ethiopia
  • Growth rate: Normal
  • Maximum plant height: 2-3 meters
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Eetbare tuin-edible garden Coffea arabica - Coffee plant
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