Bomen-trees: Sequoia sempervirens

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Sequoia sempervirens becomes huge and is one of the largest trees in the world ...More information

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Sequoia sempervirens is also called the coastal mammoth tree or coastal sequoia. This belongs to the family of the cupress and becomes gigantic.
The coastal mammoth tree originates widely in California's coastal regions. This species is the tallest tree in the world and can be over 100 meters high.
The stem circumference becomes more than 30 meters and there is average in this type of specimen against the 2000 cubic meters of wood. This also makes it the heaviest trees in the world.

This evergreen conifer is a real asset to the collector and a real eye-catcher for your garden.
On average, the Sequoia sempervirens grow at least 80/100 cm a year. In the Netherlands there are some specimens with the highest around 32 meters (anno 2013), this is in the trompenburg arboretum in Rotterdam.

In the summer, the Sequoia sempervirens can get a lot of water, which will boost growth immediately.
From spring and summer, the tree reappears with new shoots.
The Sequoia sempervirens is hardy in the Netherlands.
Winter hardness zone 6b (-20ºC).


  • Minimum temperature:-20ºC
  • Location:Sunny, half shadow
  • Soil type:No special requirements
  • Water requirement:Normal, slightly damp to wet is no problem
  • Full ground:Yes
  • Tub plant:No
  • Flowering period:n/a
  • Origin / habitat:California
  • Growth rate:Reasonably fast
  • Maximum plant height:>80 meters



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boom ziet er goed uit

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