Blad-leaf: Podophyllum Spotty Dotty

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Podophyllum Spotty Dotty flourishes in May and June and has a fantastic leaf ...More information

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Podophyllum Spotty Dotty is a versatile plant and often unknown plant. The first thing that strikes this winter hard plant is the special leaf. The leaf can reach a diameter of 25/30 cm and stands on contrasting wicker rods.

This solid plant is round to star-shaped leaf and is occupied with chocolate to red colored marbled stains.
During the summer the spots color to lighter colors.
In the months of May / June, the foal blossoms with long hanging calf-shaped red / pink to red / brown flowers. The flower throats are beautifully beneath the leaf.
After the bloom there will be fruit in the plant in September / October. These are delicious fleshy green spherical fruits.
The site is shady, in a wind sheltered location near the large leaf.

Podophyllum Spotty Dotty grows on normal ground and does not make any additional demands. It is good to use a soil cover, plant 5 plants per m². It is also a beautiful plant to keep as a tub plant on your terrace, provided in the shade.
Growth height of this plant is about 70 cm.
In winter, Podophyllum Spotty Dotty loses her leaf.
Winter hardness zone 6a (-23ºC).


  • Minimum temperature:-23ºC
  • Location:Half shade, shadow
  • Soil type:No special requirements
  • Water requirement:Normal
  • Full ground:Yes
  • Tub plant:Yes
  • Flowering period:5-6
  • Origin / habitat:China
  • Growth rate:Normal
  • Maximum plant height:60/70 cm


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