Bloemen-flowers: Duranta repens Geisha Girl - Golden dewdrop

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Duranta repens Geisha Girl is a special container plant is evergreen and flowers alternately from May to October with purple-blue flowers ...More information
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Duranta repens Geisha Girl is a very grateful flowering shrub-shaped plant. The Duranta is very suitable as a tub plant. The Duranta repens originates from the tropical part of South America.
The Duranta grows shrub-shaped and also keeps its leaves in the winter. The leaves are light green in color and oval in shape up to 5 cm long.
A place in the full sun is best for flowering, but can also be half shade.

The shrub can grow to 150 cm high and wide without pruning.
However, the Duranta is easy to prune and keep in any desired height, pruning is best done immediately after flowering.
The plant also grows much denser and nicely compact when it is regularly pruned.
The flowers grow depending and cluster-shaped, are blue to purple in color with a white edge and white heart.
The flowers also attract butterflies and smell nice.
It flowers alternately from May to the end of September.

When the flowers have finished flowering, there are drop-shaped orange berries. The Duranta repens Geisha Girl is also called the Golden dewdrop.
You can give the plant a small dose of fertilizer for flowering plants every 3 weeks from May to the end of September, such as Ionic PK boost. In winter, overwinter in a frost-free light place and occasionally give some water so that the rootball is slightly damp.
Winter hardiness zone 10 (+ 2ºC).


  • Minimum temperature:+2ºC
  • Location:Sunny, half shadow
  • Soil type:No special requirements
  • Water requirement:Normal
  • Full ground:No
  • Tub plant:Yes
  • Flowering period:5-9
  • Origin / habitat:Tropical region South America
  • Growth rate:Fast
  • Maximum plant height:150 cm, by pruning easy to keep smaller



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