Eetbare tuin-edible garden: Arbutus unedo

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Arbutus unedo is an evergreen Mediterranean tree with white flowers and red edible fruits ...More information

Product description

Arbutus unedo is a genus of flowering plants from the family Ericaceae (heather-like).
These grow in the Mediterranean area, but also in North America.
It is a green-lasting tree or large shrub that can reach a height of 5 to 10 meters in our climate.
The strawberry tree can also be used well to, for example, deny sight to the neighbors.

The flowers are bell-shaped and white / pink in color.
These flower clusters of about 9 cm long and 5 cm wide bloom from October to March in combination with yellow / red fruits.
These fruits resemble strawberries and are 2.5 cm tall, are edible and they taste sweet / sour, the taste resembles the berries of the currant tree (Amelanchier).

These fruits are also used in Italy in the preparation of wines and liqueurs. Jam can also be made from the fruits.
The Arbutus unedo is in bloom where other plants and trees are preparing for the winter. It is a nice addition in the garden.
This special plant is also fairly hardy.
Winter hardiness zone 8a (-12ºC).


  • Minimum temperature:-12ºC
  • Location:Sunny, half shadow
  • Soil type:No special requirements
  • Water requirement:Normal
  • Full ground:Yes, protect young plants from severe frost
  • Tub plant:Yes
  • Flowering period:8-10
  • Origin / habitat:Mediterranean, West France, West Ireland
  • Growth rate:Normal
  • Maximum plant height:5-9 meters



Theo Posted on 2 November 2019 at 14:38

De struik staat nu 5 jaren na aankoop voor het eerst ruim in bloei.

Francis e. Posted on 21 January 2016 at 14:59

Goede levering , mooie boom.

Aagje M. Posted on 5 January 2016 at 17:11

De aardbeien boom staat met zijn groene bladeren statig in de tuin,

het is een mooi gezicht als je er naar kijkt ziet er goed uit en onze verwachtingen voor de zomer zijn goed.

yves Posted on 21 December 2013 at 16:18

Zeer harde plant gaat heel goed

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