Bloemen-flowers Passiflora quadrangularis - giant passionflower

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Product information

    Passiflora quadrangularis is a climbing vine that can grow to considerable lengths, often exceeding 15 meters. The stems are square in shape, which is characteristic of this species. The leaves are deep green and hand-shaped with five lobes. The flowers are large, exotic, and striking, with a complex structure and colors ranging from white to light yellow to pink.

    It produces large, oval fruits known as giant passion fruits. These fruits can grow up to 30 cm long and have a hard, green skin that ripens to yellow or orange. The flesh is sweet and juicy, containing numerous small, edible seeds. The flavor varies from sweet to slightly tart and is often eaten fresh or used in juices, ice cream, desserts, and jams.

    Passiflora quadrangularis thrives in warm and humid climates and is tolerant of both full sun and light shade. It requires well-draining soil and can grow in various soil types, but the soil should be kept moist. This climbing plant often needs support to climb, such as a trellis.

    In addition to its edible fruits, this plant is also valued for its ornamental value. The striking flowers make it an attractive addition to gardens and landscapes.


    • Minimum temperature: +4ºC
    • Location: Sunny, half shadow
    • Soil type: No special requirements
    • Water requirement: Normal
    • Full ground:
    • Tub plant:
    • Flowering period: 6-9
    • Origin / habitat: Netherlands
    • Growth rate: Reasonably fast
    • Maximum plant height: > 3 meters
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    Bloemen-flowers Passiflora quadrangularis - giant passionflower
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