Bananen-bananas Musella lasiocarpa - Chinese lotus banana

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  • Article number: MUSLAS01

The Musella lasiocarpa or Chinese lotus banana is a shiny banana plant and remains reasonably small.
Requests water and fertilization in time during the summer months from April to September, which will benefit growth and possible flowering.
In the winter little water and hibernate at a temperature of + 5ºC or warmer is ideal, the Musella Lasiocarpa (also called holy Lotus) moderately hardy.
It occurs in its natural habitat in the mountains of Yunnan (Tibet) to an altitude of 2500 meters. However, the combination of a wet and severe winter can be fatal.

If this banana is allowed to overwinter outdoors, properly cover the soil around the banana with a layer of mulch (such as tree bark for example) so that the frost does not affect the roots.
The trunk will completely freeze in a severe winter. If the trunk freezes, the banana has to start again from scratch and will not make a flower in the coming year.
However, this can be prevented by packing only the trunk with a reed mat or straw and climate cloth (possibly with heating in the form of light cord).
Before folding or removing the leaves. Now the tribe will survive the winter well and will continue to grow from the stem from the spring.

Otherwise, be sure and keep the Musella lasiocarpa as a tub plant. He certainly does not need a big cockpit and even likes to sit in a small pot. Let him overwinter above freezing. Now the chances are great that you will witness the beautiful inflorescence of the Lasiocarpa (depending on the age of the banana plant).
Namely after 3 years there is a thick flower stalk from the trunk on which a huge yellow flower bud has a diameter of more than 20 cm.

This flowers for 5 to 12 months and spreads a wonderful fragrance.
Butterflies love this flower which is full of delicious nectar. This banana variety gives an extra exotic look to your garden and will amaze many visitors.
Overwintering than at a temperature of + 5ºC is ideal and that is what we prefer. When shipping the bananas in a package, it is possible that we are cutting back the sheet of bananas. These grow back very quickly. 
Winter hardiness zone 8b (-8ºC).

  • Article number: MUSLAS01
  • Minimum temperature: -8ºC
  • Location: Sunny, half shadow
  • Soil type: No special requirements
  • Water requirement: Light damp
  • Full ground:
  • Tub plant:
  • Flowering period: 1-12, flowering up to 12 months
  • Origin / habitat: Yunnan, Tibet, China
  • Growth rate: Reasonably fast
  • Maximum plant height: 150 cm
H.F. van Essen
H.F. van EssenPosted on October 27, 2021 17:27

Plant nu binnen gezet en doet het zoals al mijn planten prima van firma prima.

ADRIE BIJSTERVELDPosted on July 22, 2018 20:45

Boompje 20 cm vorig jaar gekocht nu al bijna 2 meter hoog. Staat in de volle grond en met de juiste zorgen doet hoj het geweldig.

Jim J.
Jim J.Posted on September 16, 2017 09:57

Mooie bananenboompje...stam is al zeer dik maar zien hoe toe wel en van de winter

wilco mosterd
wilco mosterdPosted on July 9, 2016 19:04

alweer 2 prachtige planten gehad waaronder 1 prachtig exemplaar van deze banaan ....bedankt en tot de volgende keer !

AntoonPosted on December 15, 2013 15:34

Heb mijn banaan momenteel in bloei staan, helemaal GEWELDIG! Ik hoop dat hij lang blijft bloeien

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Bananen-bananas Musella lasiocarpa - Chinese lotus banana
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