Bloemen-flowers Lantana camara

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    Lantana camara is a family of the ironhard-like, also known under the name Verbebaceae. This tub plant has a very exotic appearance and a great bloom.
    The flowering period of the Lantana camara is from May to October. The flowers grow in flower clusters that lie like large screens on top of the dark green foliage.
    The leaf smells a bit like citrus in turmoil.
    This tub plant should not be allowed for the lover of flowers in his or her collection.

    The flowers change color from the heart of the flower cluster from yellow / orange to pink / red. After the flowering of a cluster berries appear here that darken in color. You can better remove these, so that all the energy goes to the new flowers.
    The flowers also attract many butterflies.
    The Lantana camara is doing very well in a sunny spot, but a place with shadow is not a problem either.
    In a warm sunny place, do not allow the root ball to dry out completely, because the Lantana evaporates a lot of water.
    Every two weeks, this substitute likes to fertilize, if you use Fertilizzante Mediteraneo you only have to give a little bit every 6 weeks.

    Pruning if the plant becomes too large does it in early spring in early March.
    Then cut the large branches back to half, then branch them and keep a nice compact and dense shape.
    If you overwinter the Lantana camara cool at a temperature above + 5 ° C, the leaves of the plant will fall just after the winter. You can also suffice with little water during this rest period. Only when the weather gets warmer will the new buds from which the leaves will soon appear.
    From May when the weather becomes warmer, more water can be given and the fertilization can start up again.
    Winter hardness zone 11 (+ 5ºC).

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    Bloemen-flowers Lantana camara
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