Blad-leaf Colocasia White Lava

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  • Article number: ERYCORC2

The leaves of Colocasia esculenta 'White Lava' are often large and heart-shaped, with a striking white or cream-colored spot or pattern, likely contributing to the inspiration for the name 'White Lava.' In addition to the white pattern on the leaves, the stems and veins of the leaves can also have different shades. This cultivar is derived from Colocasia esculenta, originally from Southeast Asia. In some cultures, the tubers of Colocasia esculenta are used as edible root tubers, often cooked or processed in various dishes.

Colocasia esculenta 'White Lava' thrives in warm and humid conditions, although it is sensitive to frost and is often grown as an annual in areas with cold winters. This cultivar prefers partial to full shade, as too much direct sunlight can lead to leaf burning. Providing the plant with enough space is crucial, as the leaves can become large. When placing it, it's also advisable to consider the height of the plant, as the large leaves can add height to the planting.

It's essential to keep the soil consistently moist while avoiding waterlogging. Since this plant thrives in humid conditions, regular watering is important, especially during drier periods. During the growing season, regularly providing the plant with a balanced fertilizer can help promote healthy leaf growth and development.

If you live in an area with cold winters, consider digging up the tubers and storing them frost-free during the winter, or treat the plant as an annual and replace it in the spring.

  • Article number: ERYCORC2
  • Minimum temperature: -20ºC
  • Location: Sunny, half shade, shadow
  • Soil type: No special requirements
  • Water requirement: Normal
  • Full ground:
  • Tub plant:
  • Flowering period: n/a
  • Origin / habitat: China, Taiwan
  • Growth rate: Fast
  • Maximum plant height: 2-4 meters
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Blad-leaf Colocasia White Lava
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