Bloemen-flowers Billbergia nutans - Queens tears

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  • Article number: BILNUT02

Billbergia nutans "Tears of Joy" also called Queens tears originates from the forrest area of Brazil.
This beautiful bromeliad species and grows mainly in the trees but also on the ground. The roots of the plant ensure that it attaches to the tree.
This plant is easy to maintain and likes partial shade. Regular good quality potting soil is sufficient. In the growing season from May to September, you can fertilize the plant lightly every 4 weeks with a small dose of dried cow manure or food for flowering plants.
If the plant occasionally gets a little too little water, there is nothing wrong.

In the heart of the plant there are several tubes in which water and nutrients are absorbed by the plant.
The dark green leaf is elongated and grows up to 30 cm long.
Alternately hanging flower stems grow from the heart of the plant. Beautiful deep pink elongated flowers grow from it. Over time, drooping pink / blue petals with bright yellow pistils will grow from this again.
The older the plant, the more flowers you can expect during the year which will grow from the rosettes.
The rosettes die after flowering, but the plant produces new shoots every year so that you can continue to enjoy this plant.

In winter you can keep the plant as a container plant frost-free and overwinter in a light place. Water with caution, certainly not too wet when they are cool.
There are also cases that it is kept as a perennial in a sheltered place in the garden in the open ground.
In this case, you must ensure that the roots of the plant do not freeze and cover them well during the frost period.
You can also keep the Billbergia as a houseplant in a light place. Preferably not in full sun behind the glass. The plant can possibly go outside in the spring.
Winter hardiness zone 10b (6ºC).

  • Article number: BILNUT02
  • Minimum temperature: 6ºC
  • Location: Sunny, half shadow
  • Soil type: No special requirements
  • Water requirement: Light damp
  • Full ground:
  • Tub plant:
  • Flowering period: 5-9
  • Origin / habitat: Brasil
  • Growth rate: Slow
  • Maximum plant height: 40/50 cm
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Bloemen-flowers Billbergia nutans - Queens tears
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