Bloemen-flowers Pavonia missiomum - Red mallow

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  • Article number: PACMIS01

Pavonia missiomum also known as Red mallow is a very strong flowering plant that originally comes from South America. The Pavonia belongs to the Malvaceae family.
If you are looking for a (tub) plant that blooms alternately all summer, the Pavonia missiomum is a good choice.
In addition to being great on your patio in summer, this perennial can also be kept indoors as a container plant in a cool place in winter.

Flowering normally begins in late April and continues into October.
If the plant overwinters at a temperature of at least + 12ºC, it will continue to flower, although not as vigorously.
However, from spring the flowering intensity increases again with red / orange flowers with a yellow heart.
The flowers, up to more than 5 cm in size, grow from the leaf axils.

The star-shaped leaves have a fresh green color and are slightly larger than the flowers. The plant grows upright and in bush form and can grow up to 120 cm without pruning.
However, pruning is no problem with the Pavonia.
The plant is good in a semi-shady to sunny place.
Once every two weeks give the plant some nutrition and keep the potting soil slightly moist. The higher the humidity, the better the plant has it, you may water the plant occasionally.
Wintering as a tub plant at a minimum temperature of + 0ºC. In the open ground, the plant can survive a mild winter.
Winter hardiness zone 9a (-4ºC).

  • Article number: PACMIS01
  • Minimum temperature: -4ºC
  • Location: Sunny to half shade
  • Soil type: No special requirements
  • Water requirement: Light damp
  • Full ground:
  • Tub plant:
  • Flowering period: 4-10
  • Origin / habitat: South America
  • Growth rate: Reasonably slow
  • Maximum plant height: 120 cm (good pruning)
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Bloemen-flowers Pavonia missiomum - Red mallow
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