Bloemen-flowers Canna brasiliensis

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  • Article number: CANBRA01

Canna brasiliensis is a shorter variety and gets beautiful tropical-looking flowers from June to October. The flowers are yellow / red in color. This canna is found in tropical South America.
The leaves are relatively large and have a fresh green color. This canna becomes about 70/100 cm high.

The exotic flowers are colored yellow / red and stand on stems just above the leaves. The canna may be fertilized with cow manure pellets or other fertilizers during the season.
In winter, the foliage dies and grows again in the spring.
Overwinter (in a pot) at a temperature of + 10ºC or warmer in a light or dark place. Keep the soil practically dry in winter.
It is important that the tuber does not rot because the soil is too wet.

If the tuber is planted in the garden in the spring, you can dig it out in October and overwinter it in a cool dry place. In the spring from May you can plant the tuber in the garden again.
Winter hardiness zone 11 (10ºC).

  • Article number: CANBRA01
  • Minimum temperature: 10ºC
  • Location: Sunny, half shadow
  • Soil type: Well permeable
  • Water requirement: Light damp
  • Full ground: Yes, dig out the tuber and hibernate frost-free
  • Tub plant:
  • Flowering period: 6-9
  • Origin / habitat: Tropical South America
  • Growth rate: Fast
  • Maximum plant height: 70/100 cm
Nico Glasbergen
Nico GlasbergenPosted on September 14, 2021 15:36

Als deze canna het naar zijn zin heeft, dan laat hij zijn schoonheid wel zien. Ruim water geven, vloeibare voeding en een zonnige standplaats zorgden ervoor dat mijn canna inmiddels 1,80 meter hoog is (begin mei nog 40 cm) en veel bloemen geeft. Stengels wegknippen kan zonder enig probleem.

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Bloemen-flowers Canna brasiliensis
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