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Superfoods, healthy food full of vitamins and minerals

Superfoods have a high content of certain nutrients that have a beneficial effect on our health.
Generally speaking, every product is more or less a' superfood', but the high concentration of a certain beneficial substance in a product makes the essential difference.


Superfoods generally have a higher content of vitamins and/or nutrients and often contain a higher concentration of antioxidants and/or minerals.
They have a beneficial effect on our health and can prevent cardiovascular disease, help against obesity, be good for the skin etc.


Superfoods can be vegetable products but also certain fruits.
Despite this selection superfoods selection, eating from the disk of 5 is of course important.
Plants that we offer and fall under the heading superfoods are listed below.


- Goji berry
- Passion fruit
- Lemon verbena
- Jiaogulan
- Green tea
- Stevia
- Lemon grass
- Curcuma
- Chinese date
- Blue berry
- Brazilian Grape tree
- Cherimoya
- Avocado
- Tamarillo
- Raspberry
- White zapote
- Surinamese cherry
- Gold berry
- Natal plum
- Pitaya (Dragon fruit)
- Papaya
- Laos
- Guava
- Djeroek poeroet

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